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STARFISTTM - AV Fistula Needle

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Starfist - AV Fistula Needle

An Arteriouvenus (AV) Fistula is an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein normally, blood flows from your arteries to your capillaries to your veins. Nutrients and Oxygen in your blood travel from your cappillaries to tissues in your body. With an arteriovenous fistula, blood flows derictly from an artery into a vein by passing some capillaries.

Fistula Needle are a crucial link between the patient and the dialysis machine. For this reason, all needles have to meet the requirements of highest quality, safety and comfort - both from the user's as well as from te patient's perspective.

Type Description straight Code
FIXED WING 16G/17G Length: Standard SAVFXXXX

*Note - XXX Stands for Abbreviation of Fr.Size and Length

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